Summer with cocktails and desserts for true gourmets

26. June 2020.

A few months ago, at one of the most attractive locations in Zagreb, in the Cvjetni Center, Takenoko Bar opened its doors. This charming bar branch of the popular Japanese restaurant of the same name immediately gained the sympathy of a wider audience and became a favourite gathering place of many Zagreb residents. Takenoko Bar has set the bar high from the very beginning, with the goal of offering its guests something interesting, fresh and different.

With the arrival of warmer days, their great signature cocktails came to the fore, which you can recently pair with the latest attractive addition to Takenoko Bar - delicious sweet snacks in the form of cakes or ice cream. Namely, the best summer combination is just a cocktail and a cake, which have been brought to the highest level here. Only the highest quality ingredients and the most precise way of preparation came into consideration when designing the sweet map of Takenoko Bar. The result is 8 fantastic cakes inspired by distant Japan and soft confectionery France, whose new bite takes your palate on a magical gastronomic journey. Intense, clean flavours and perfectly precise texture are the main features of these tempting desserts, named after Japanese girls like Cho, Asako or Yuki. The trained and talented team of confectioners worked on their recipe and appearance for several months, and they will change according to the seasons and adapt to seasonal intentions. In addition to the fact that each cake looks like a real small masterpiece, great attention is paid to the choice of ingredients, so their ingredients are top quality chocolate, real full-flavoured butter, the highest quality fresh fruit and healthy nuts, in order to feel every single cake. the component contained in it.

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